The Engineering team has extensive experience in project development from Conceptualization to Construction Management, Commissioning and Start up.

We work closely with clients to incorporate their knowledge and integrate requirements from the initial stages of the project.

In project management, the Taging team applies knowledge, skills, tools, and techniques for the analysis of mining investments. It provides advice and information on parameters related to design, optimization of exploitation methods, metallurgical recoveries, capital costs (CAPEX), operating costs (OPEX), production rates, and other key project variables.

Taging works to provide stability and flexibility to the projects it develops. This stability enables successful navigation of changes induced by economic cycles and cyclical recessions throughout the project's lifespan. The flexibility helps easily adapt to potential scientific advancements or technological changes in the future.

Our professional teams are equipped with the most recent tools and technologies, including 3D plant design systems through parametric and simulation software.

Instrumentation and Industrial Control

  • Automation of industrial processes.
  • Instrumentation Engineering Projects.
  • Connectivity with Administrative Systems.
  • Design of Cabinets, Control Panels, Surveying and Layouts.
  • Calculation of Control Valves, Safety Valves and Primary Measuring Elements.
  • Data sheets.
  • Instruments diagrams.
  • Material take off.
  • Loop Diagrams.
  • CCTV.
  • As Built


  • Feasibility studies
  • Process Calculation
  • Mass Balances
  • Process Description
  • P&ID
  • Equipment selection and specification
  • HAZOP studies


  • Calculation Report
  • Line diagrams
  • Functional Diagrams
  • Design Criteria
  • Data sheets
  • Technical specifications
  • Control Panel specifications
  • Material lists

  • Cabinet design and CCM’s
  • Terminal diagrams
  • Topographic drawings
  • Electrical Drawings
  • Cable list
  • Grounding Systems and Atmospheric Protections
  • Short Circuit and Selectivity Studies
  • Lighting Studies
  • As Built


  • General Layouts
  • Soil Studies
  • Structural Calculations
  • Calculation Report
  • Design Criteria
  • Technical specifications
  • Drainage and Water Distribution Systems

  • Improvement and / or expansion of Infrastructure
  • Architecture drawings
  • Pavements, Formwork and Armor
  • Material Calculations
  • Material Lists
  • As Built

Mechanics and Piping

  • Flow Diagrams
  • Equipment Sizing
  • Calculation Report
  • Design criteria
  • Data sheets
  • Technical specifications
  • Equipment Lists
  • Material Lists
  • General Arrangements

  • Electronic Mockups
  • Isometric
  • Auxiliary Drawings
  • Special Parts Drawings
  • HVAC
  • Firefigthing Network
  • Dust Suppression
  • Equipment Inspections
  • As Built


Management (CM)

In a manner akin to the crucial role of management facilitated by the project manager during the project stage, the EPCM model presents to the client the provision of a Construction Manager (CM), ensuring oversight of the project's execution, encompassing scope, costs, and quality control methodologies endorsed by the Project Management Institute (PMI®).

During this stage, the Taging team:

Ensures the quality of the design,
Facilitates resolving technical questions on-site,
Enables the development of quick solutions to unforeseen circumstances,
Ensures the consolidation of solutions delivered by basic and detailed engineering.
Budget and progress control are activities of paramount importance, as well as the management of project documentation for subsequent delivery to the client through packages (Turn Over Package).

  • Equipment inspection and materials
  • Assembly supervision and controls.
  • Time and Cost Management. (Schedule, Resources, Budget, Control)
  • Project Team Management and Communications
  • Project risk management
  • Quality Assurance (QA) / Quality Control (QC)

Management (PMI)

TAGING execute projects utilizing the methodology recommended by the Project Management Institute (PMI®), supported by internal and certified procedures, standards and integrated within its overarching Integrated Management System (IMS).

This strategic approach enables TAGING to transition from proficient management of individual projects to establishing organizational project management systems that consistently deliver extra value. Our primary objective remains the achievement of project success by fulfilling the requisites of the "Hepta Restriction": Reach, Time, Costs, Customer Satisfaction, Resources, Quality, and Risks.

With these tools and knowledge, we are trained to offer the following services:

  • Integration and Reach Management. (Project Execution Plan, Change Control, WBS)
  • Time and Cost Management. (Schedule, Resources, Budget, Control)
  • Quality management
  • Project Team Management and Communications
  • Project Risk Management
  • Stakeholder Management

Purchasing Management

Purchasing of equipment, materials and services for the industry is carried out, from the receipt of the purchase requisition until the delivery of the product / service at the customer's plant.

The Purchasing Department of TAGING is formed by a team of professionals specialized in purchasing management for the industry and its flexible structure adapts to the requirements and structures of the clients.



Pre-commissioning entails the static verification of process equipment, validating their installation according to engineering specifications, and preparing them for proper operation.

  • Verification of conformity for each component
  • FAT-SAT (Factory/Site Acceptance Test) testing.
  • Review of systems and subsystems (systematization).
  • Initial parameterization and calibration of instrumentation, drives, and control systems.

  • Verification and cleaning of pipes, valves, and tanks.
  • Confirmation of electrical connections, insulation, and grounding.
  • Development of a detailed plan for commissioning and start-up.
  • Verification of startup balances and flows.
  • Change control (WBS).
  • Management of the Project Team and Communications.
  • Project risk management.
  • Quality Assurance (QA) / Quality Control (QC).



Commissioning involves the dynamic verification of process equipment, validating their performance and functions.

  • Startup tests for motors, pumps, compressors, etc.
  • Instrumentation loop tests and interlocking verification.
  • Operation of electrical breakers.
  • Testing of essential services supply (industrial water, air, fire suppression system, etc.).
  • Testing of reagent dosing systems, equipment tightness.
  • Water commissioning, where possible or relevant.
  • Adjustment/completion of startup sequence.
  • Verification of startup balances and flows.
  • Change control (WBS).
  • Project Team and Communications Management.
  • Project risk management.
  • Quality Assurance (QA) / Quality Control (QC).



  • Startup testing.
  • Performance testing and operation of facilities.
  • Ready for use certificate issuance.
  • Ramp Up and performance evaluation.
  • Review and analysis process.
  • Compilation of documentation and forms.
  • Closure of the Start-up.

PEA / Technical Reports with JORC or NI 43-101 standard / Due Diligences

Research + Development and
Innovation of Technologies

With multiple applications, utilizing locally developed software customized to meet the client's needs.

Some examples of applications include:

  • "In Lithium Extraction Ponds": A model to predict lithium concentration in ponds, aimed at analyzing production capacity.
  • "Process Systems Engineering for Planning Optimization and Decision Making".

Integral studies

  • Conceptualization
  • Preliminary Economic Assesment (PEA) - Scoping Study
  • Prefeasibility
  • Feasibility
  • OPEX
  • Due Diligences
  • Economic Analysis

Energy Efficiency Studies

  • Energy Matrix
  • Analysis according to ISO 50.001
  • Alternative energies

Special Studies


We have Competent Persons (CP)
or Qualified Persons (QP) available for Technical Reports compliant with JORC or NI 43-101 standards.
Optimization and Training

Specialized Training

Our system transfers knowledge through the generation and development of 'ad hoc' solutions, specifically tailored for various fields including Chemical, Petrochemical, Oil & Gas, Energy, Mining, Food and Beverage, and Pharmaceutical industries.

These courses are divided into three levels: Initial, Intermediate and Higher.

At its initial levels (for personnel with limited or no technical knowledge), knowledge transmission is carried out using tools and didactic strategies that appeal to common sense without complex mathematical equations. The learning methodology is problem-based and practical, promoting opinion exchange, debate, and the development of soft skills through teamwork.

For intermediate and advanced levels, training is tailored to industry needs using specific tools aimed at enhancing the skills of technicians and professionals in the mentioned industries.
Upon completion of each training session, participants receive the corresponding certificate of approval issued by PLAPIQUI.



Our optimization plan involves the detailed evaluation of process performance by on-site professionals, recording and verifying parameterization and associated control variables to determine a series of configuration adjustments that will deliver maximum operational efficiency.

Our way
Our way.
Points Our way

Taging is a 100% Argentine company,
which began its activity in 1994,
providing Industrial Process Automation
and Control Services.

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Driven primarily by the desire to meet the recurring
of its clients and grounded in a strong organizational focus,
it gradually incorporated Basic Engineering and Detail
Engineering services for Instrumentation and Industrial
Control, Electricity, Civil, Mechanical, Structural Calculations,
Piping, and General Services for the Process Industry,
employing top-tier professionals and achieving
the highest quality standards.

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Providing the best solutions is the commitment we undertake every day with our clients, working alongside them to understand and anticipate their needs, enhancing their competitive capacity, and transforming our knowledge into value through "Intelligent Engineering." Similarly, we extend this commitment to our employees, offering them opportunities to learn, grow, and develop, thereby reflecting their contribution to the quality of every service we provide.


Our goal is to position TAGING S.A. as a national leader in engineering services, fostering a flexible organization that enables us to swiftly adapt to changes in markets or technologies, both domestically and internationally. This approach ensures sustainable and steady growth for our company.


At each stage of our growth, we focus on embracing values akin to those of a large family. These values, cultivated over time, enable us to continue growing in an orderly, organized, and ethical manner. Today, we take pride in the company we have built, and we remain committed to investing in the valuable individuals within our society who embody these values:

• Participation   
• Integrity, autonomy, freedom and responsibility   
• Initiative   
• Leadership
• Flexibility   
• Innovation and creativityd   
• Quality and excellence   
• Continuous improvement   
Icon Quality

Quality, Safety and
Health Policy

For TAGING S.A., quality, safety, and occupational health are
fundamentalpillars that ensure its continuity and future success.
In our constant pursuit of optimization and improvement,
we have implemented an integrated management system
that enables us to identify and fulfill the requirements of our clients.

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Our company is therefore based on the following

• To be an organization with the highest institutional image, offering the best service with highly dedicated and trained personnel, thereby allowing us to increase our profits sustainably.

• To promote the personal and professional development of our team, preserving their well-being and capabilities, aware that the quality of service depends on the quality of the individuals.

• To comply with legal requirements and those demanded by our clients in environmental, safety, and occupational health matters, maximizing the effectiveness and efficiency of our processes.

• Identify and minimize risks to the health and safety of our workers, promoting prevention and commitment to continuous improvement.

• Encourage creativity, innovation and teamwork to meet our objectives and constantly improve.

• Guarantee agile internal communication to encourage participation and transmit knowledge of the integrated management system, focusing on common objectives.

These principles guide us in our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction.
The success of the company is never achieved
by mere chance or luck,
it is accomplished
through the efforts of a responsible and active human team.

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Proveedor Minero Argentino
Ícono NOA Minería


Specialized Solutions for
the Lithium Industry.

At Taging NOA, we offer differential
audit and process improvement
services for the Lithium Industry.

Our commitment translates into significant cost reductions (CAPEX and OPEX) and remarkable improvements in product quality. We strive to optimize operations, placing us at the forefront of the industry.

We strive to optimize operations,
applying at the forefront
of the industry.

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Technical Capabilities

  • Design of solar evaporation pond system.
  • Design of natural brine purification process.
  • Design of lithium carbonate production process: Traditional, CO2 Purification, and new processes.
  • Development and implementation of laboratory chemical analysis methods (ICP, AA, and others).
  • Review and improvement of existing production process.
  • Peer Review.
  • Design and selection of process equipment.
  • HAZOP Workshop.
  • Pilot plant design.
  • Laboratory and/or Pilot Plant Tests to produce: Battery-Grade Lithium Carbonate.
  • Preparation, development, and delivery of In-Company or remote training courses backed by UNS (National University of the South) and CONICET.
  • Competent Person (CP) or Qualified Person (QP): For technical reports with JORC or NI 43-101 standards.
  • Energy efficiency studies and optimization of production processes with development of mathematical models and customized software.

Financial Capabilities

  • CAPEX, OPEX, Economic Analysis, and Due Diligences.

Services offered to our clients

Experiencia y calidad

• Proven experience and quality demonstrated over 30 years of providing services to the industry.

• Organizational capacity at the level of international companies and the flexibility of a small enterprise.

• Knowledge of local and international standards (QMS) regarding engineering, materials, and equipment.

• Project management specialists. We understand our clients' needs and commit to their objectives.

Our main clients.


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